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    March 21


    Madison, TN

    April 25

    St. Benedict’s

    Memphis, TN

    July 25

    Mt. Juliet, TN

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    Sept 19

    The Landers CTR

    Southhaven, MS


    November 14

    Dickson High School   Dickson, TN

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The Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation (CTF) has been training high quality martial artists  since 1984. We offer students and instructors alike, access to the highest quality martial arts training available. In addition, we are available on a 24/7 basis to answer any questions you may have about our organization.Placeholder  Image

The CTF practices the Chang Han pattern system as well as four additional patterns developed by Grandmaster Robert Hardin to complement our teaching progression.  These four “discipline” patterns are integrated with our philosophy which stresses goal setting, inspiration, development of a strong work ethic and, ultimately, achievement of one’s goals.

The CTF’s primary responsibility is the development and certification of its members’ martial arts skills.  We have developed a teaching structure to help CTF affiliated instructors insure a student’s progression through the martial arts ranks.  The CTF rank certificate guarantees that each holder meets certain minimum requirements prior to earning their rank advancement.

The CTF offers various services to complement a member student’s training program at their taekwondo club.  In addition to rank certification we offer our individual student members the following services:

  • National tournament program
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Transfer privileges and temporary training at other CTF affiliated schools
  • Student Accident Insurance that covers the student during training, tournaments and other Taekwondo related events.

Through our affiliation with the World Taekwon-Do Alliance, we can offer our members the highest possible level of Black Belt Certification but also the opportunity for International competition.

Our web site is designed primarily to provide information for our student members and affiliated clubs and schools.  If you cannot find the information you seek or have suggestions regarding the site, please  e-mail us at choongsil@outlook.com or call us at 870-428-5353.

We, too, at CTF Headquarters are always striving for “constant and never ending improvement”.


Robert H. Hardin, National Director         Alison C. Hardin, National Administrator Ninth Degree Black Belt                                                       Sixth Degree Black Belt


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