6th Degree Black Belt

Cordova, TN



I began my Taekwondo training in May of 1986 while living in Marietta, GA, at age 9. Accompanied by my younger brother, Steven, we achieved the rank of Blue Belt from Master Kwang Jo Choi, founder of a martial art system that is now known as Choi Kwon Do. In 1987, we moved to Memphis, where we began training in Taekwondo with instructors trained by Master Hardin. In 1989, we were promoted to the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, certified by the ITF. Soon after earning my Black Belt, I became an Assistant Instructor, and it was at that point that I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Later in 1989, Mr. Gordon Cummings opened Cordova Taekwondo. My brother and I followed him to his new school and were his Assistant Instructors for the next 9 years. In 1993, Cordova Taekwondo officially joined the CTF. Over the next few years, my brother and I (Steven especially!) enjoyed much success in tournament competitions with the CTF, USTF, AAU, and GTF.

1998 was a busy year for me. In March, I was promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt by Master Hardin. On April 1, Mr. Cummings turned over ownership of Cordova Taekwondo to me. Most importantly, on August 1, I married Mr. Cummings’s daughter, Rene’. On October 18, 1999, our son, Austin, was born. Only a few months later, I graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Needless to say, between home, school, and business, my life was extremely busy. I wouldn’t trade any of it and in 2009 Rene and I were blessed with the addition of a beautiful baby daughter!

In 2001, after managing a successful satellite club in Midtown Memphis for several years, I opened Midtown Taekwondo. Steven and Miss Tara Stuart, both Assistant Instructors at Cordova Taekwondo at the time, were assigned as Chief Instructors at Midtown Taekwondo, allowing for me to once again focus all of my energy into Cordova Taekwondo. In 2003, Steven and Tara took over ownership of Midtown Taekwondo. I am thrilled with the success that they have had, and am glad I was able to give them the opportunity to get started with such an impressive school.

Currently, I am enjoying the life of a Taekwondo business owner.  I am currently instructing over 150 students (20 of them are Black Belts) at Cordova Taekwondo. I love watching my students as they grow in this martial art. It is their success that makes me the most proud.

Among some of my other accomplishments of which I am especially proud:

  • * 2004 National Champion - Men’s 3rd-5th Degree Division
  • * 6th Degree Black Belt - November, 2008
  • * Master Level Referee - December, 2003
  • * 2002, 2003, 2004,2005 USTL Team Sparring Champions
    • (Steven Miller, Bobby Streitenberger, and myself)
  • * 2002 CTF Male Competitor of the Year
  • * 1998 CTF Center Referee of the Year
  • * 2005 CTF Coach of the Year
  • * Choong Sil Inspiration Award - 2000
  • * 1998 CTF Chief Judge of the Year
  • * 1996 CTF December Tournament Grand Champion
  • * 1992 USTU Tennessee State Champion (Full Contact Sparring)

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