6th Degree Black Belt

Memphis, TN


Gordon Cummings began his Taekwondo training on October 26, 1986 at Memphis Taekwondo, then affiliated with the MATC. He attained his first and second degree Black Belts with the ITF. Testing for his 2nd Degree Black Belt under Grandmaster Serriff with the ITF on August 10th, 1990. Mr. Cummings then rejoined forces with Master Hardin in 1992.

On November 7th, 1989, Mr. Cummings opened Cordova Taekwondo in Memphis, Tennessee. While in Memphis Mr. Cummings took students to compete internationally in Italy and Scotland. Two multi-gold medalists were brought back. He has also trained quite a number of National Champions in the WTF, GTF, AAU and the CTF Championships.

After loosing his daughter to his Assistant Instructor, Mr. Cummings turned over Cordova Taekwondo to his son-in-law and moved to Gulf Breeze, Florida to open a new school. After starting a successful school there, he returned to the Memphis area and took over the CTF school in West Memphis which he recently sold to Mr. Alan Rhodes. Mr. Cummings is currently teaching at the OLPH taekwondo club in Memphis and also teaches regularly at Germantown Taekwondo.

While attending the CTF Black Belt camp in August of 2001 and 2006, Mr. Cummings tested and obtained his 5th and 6th Degree Black Belt Certification under Master Robert Hardin, founder of the the CTF.

Mr. Cummings left McDonald’s Corp. after 16 years as the Training Supervisor to pursue a career teaching Taekwondo.

Mr. Cummings passions are bow hunting, music, golf, fishing, camping, canoeing (with Master Hardin of course) and hunting in general.

Mr. Cummings was named the 1999 CTF National Champion in his division while in the same year becoming the proud grandfather of a fine grandson Austin Miller (future national champion) by his daughter Rene’ Miller and son-in-law Chris Miller. 2009 saw the addition of a beautiful granddaughter as well.

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