In the spring of 2011, Grand Master Hardin was asked to serve as Secretary General of the WTA.  The CTF was also invited to participate with the WTA in their International Tournament to be held in Dallas in the summer of 2011.  And so, our relationship began.

Since that time, Grand Master and Mrs. Hardin have  met and received the endorsement of the group of Taekwon–Do Pioneers who are  affiliated with the WTA.  At the July 2011 tournament, Grand Master Hardin was elected permanent Secretary-General and Mrs. Hardin was elected the Executive Director of the WTA.  Furthermore, the Pioneers recognized Grand Master Hardin’s credentials and conferred upon him the right to certify rank  in the WTA on their behalf.  This is an endorsement not only of Grand Master Hardin but of the entire CTF by the Highest ranking Taekwon-Do practitioners in the world!

In addition to the WTA’s affiliation with these senior ranks, the WTA has also received recognition from the World Taekwondo Federation, the only traditional Taekwon-do organization in the world to receive endorsement from the WTF.  This will provide a future path for Olympic hopefuls other than the traditional WTF competitions and also Kukkiwon certification for those who want it.

What does this mean to the CTF?

I. International Certification of Rank

    1)  Your CTF certificate is now recognized by both WTA and WTF.

    2)  Black belts may apply for rank certification directly from the WTA.

II.     International Competition Opportunities

    1)  The WTA plans to sponsor an annual multi-day tournament each summer in which you may participate.  The tournaments will offer forms, point, continuous and Olympic style sparring, board breaking and Team competition.

    2)  Through its International affiliations, the WTA will open avenues into other International competitions held abroad.

III.     Networking and Affiliation Opportunities

Part of the mission of the WTA is to bring together separate but autonomous associations in a loose affiliation that will give the group as a whole many more opportunities for networking, ideas, competition, business associations, insurance, etc.  Participation will be voluntary but the purchasing power we can gain by joining together as a trade association will offer substantial benefits to all members.


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